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What you Do



Remember that short, frequent study sessions are best for effective practice!

30-45 minutes for a total of 3 hours each week.

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Spend a few minutes listening, then a few more on grammar exercises, then practice your speaking lessons, etc. Also, remember to take a break.


You actually need to review and practice each lesson several times on many different days in order to build mastery.

Measure your progress with neo’s point system. Earn points every time you study, pass the Mastery Tests and complete your online coaching sessions.

What We Do


neo LIVE is a video conferencing platform for your personalized one-on-one online coaching sessions

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From the very first time, you will talk to your coach about yourself using the English language that you have already learned


The coach can see all your study data, which they will use to help you learn more effectively.

Learn English on your own with the neo Study App, then meet with the neo Live coach of your choice for one-on-one personalized coaching sessions every two weeks. Before each session, your coach will have reviewed your study data and will be able to guide your study where you need it most.


neo certificate levels are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)



neo offers internationally-accepted English language certification from DynEd International


DynEd certification is accepted at various U.S universities

including Middle Tennessee State University, Lewis-Clark State College and St. Thomas University.